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ATS Wellplate Compatibility:
tube dowser


Expand your capabilities with the ATS Gen4+ and Gen5 Acoustic Transfer Systems. Reliably dispense ultra-low volumes for your screens, assays, and arrays while reducing your waste, time and costs.

Our ATS instruments transfer chemical and biological materials with precision and control unlike any other liquid handling device on the market.


  • Drop sizes: 1 - 20 nL
  • Transfer Volumes: 1 nL - 100 µL
  • Accuracy: < 8% CV's on all dispenses
  • Fluid viscosity: 0 - 100 cps
  • Fluid Surface Tension: 27 - 72 dynes/cm
  • Use a wide range of source and destination wellplates
  • Low starting and dead volumes


  • Wellplate reformatting
  • Compound library screening
  • Assay development
  • Cell-based assays
  • Hit-picking / cherry-picking
  • Serial dilutions / dose responses (IC-50s)
  • PCR assays
  • Create MALDI matrixes
  • Arrays
  • Dispense live cells

Integration & Automation

The ATS Gen4+ and Gen5 can easily integrate with a variety of robotic platforms for a complete screening, cell-based assay, or customized laboratory research system. See our Partners page for leading integrators and automation developers.


Utilizing a proprietary measurement technique developed at EDC Biosystems, the TubeDowser can look into a variety of standard polypropylene storage tube styles and determine the water content of the DMSO contained within. The TubeDowser is both powered and communicated through a single USB connection and is designed to be a plug-and-play addition into any PC-based automated system. Its compact size also makes it easy to fit onto the platform of even pre-existing robotic systems and can immediately add new functionality and value to any handling device that can isolate and position a storage tube. Add the latest technology in DMSO hydration measurement into your compound tube management system and experience confidence in the quality of your assays like never before.

Have you ever wondered about the quality of your compounds stored in tubes? Tired of wasting precious resources, time and money from plating and testing destabilized compounds due to water hydration? Did you know you can easily measure the hydration of the DMSO inside standard storage tubes to within 2% of accuracy without disturbing the contents or even decapping the tube? With the EDC Biosystems TubeDowser you can increase the productivity of your laboratory by making every screening campaign or validation assay count.

  • Completely non-invasive measurement technology.
  • Accurate to within 2% of hydration level of DMSO
  • Measures a variety of tube styles.
  • Decapping not required.
  • Single channel tube reading.
  • Easily adaptable to existing tube handling systems.

By the time any data can be obtained on the effectiveness of a compound, countless process steps have already been performed that take up time, energy, and other valuable resources. With so much expense on the line before a screening operation, it is essential to start with trustworthy materials or at very least, know their exact status. The EDC Biosystems TubeDowser can accurately and precisely measure each tube individually and determine the hydration level of the DMSO solvent to help you gain control over the single greatest threat to the quality of your compounds stored in tubes. Place the EDC Biosystems’ TubeDowser in your compound storage and management system and start your campaigns with quality materials every time.

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